Through Blood And Ashes

MaxPain - vocals
Deimoz - guitars, clean voices, keys (2), bass (1,7)
Staffa - guitar, vocals
Sevar - bass,
N. Kustev (a.k.a. Kalhas) - drums

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01. The Gate To My Soul
02. 1000 Voices
03. Blood And Ashes
04. Read My Lips
05. Diseased By Emotions
06. Visions
07. Quickly I'm Sinking

Release date: 22.12.2008
Format: CD
Label: self-released

Produced by Astaroth and The Revenge Project
Recorded at Set Nitro Studio, Burgas, August'06 - September'07
Mixed by Astaroth and Staffa in Set Nitro Studio, April - August'08
Mastered by Astaroth in Set Nitro Studio, August - September 2008
Additional keyboards programming by Astaroth and Deimoz

All music & arrangements by The Revenge Project
Lyrics by The Revenge Project, except on the track "Visions", by Agarvaen (Diabolism)
Cover artwork by Stoyan "barak_off" Barakov
Photos by Veselina Kolarova

The track "Visions" is originally composed for Diabolism in 1996 by Deimoz & Agarvaen

Lyrics: soon

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